Risen, WildClaw’s Very First Easter Special, Is THIS SUNDAY!

Just when we thought he was gone, Old Man Winter jumped out of the lake One Last Time to pull us under. Or maybe he just wasn’t lying where Dr. Sam Loomis shot him. Or he yanked his razor glove out of frame right before the credits started rolling. Definitely one of those.

Most annoying Cubs fan ever. And we all know that's saying a lot.

Most annoying Cubs fan ever. And we all know that’s saying a lot.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, WildClaw has a ghoulproof way to keep you warm this weekend. Join us this Sunday evening at 7 pm in Strawdog’s Hugen Hall for a toasty trilogy of terrifying tales as we bring you Risen: A WildClaw Easter Special:

  • In Walkers vs. Runners, an all-new piece by Artistic Director Aly Renee Amidei, brilliant young Andrea Tanucci dreams of winning the science fair. By any means necessary.
  • We’ve also unearthed Ichor, a classic piece of sci-fi horror by WildClaw family fiend Shawn Pfautsch, where Dr. Peter Clines’s research has brought immortality within man’s reach…but his prized test subject may have other plans.
  • Our grand finale is a staged reading of the “Horror” classic Troll 2, the much beloved 1990s feartasia that perfectly encapsulates the innate untrustworthiness of small towns, vegetarians, and ghostly grandpas. Slathered liberally with green jello. With a foreword by local Troll 2 scholar Randall Colburn, live Foley effects, and direction by Monster of Scaremonies Josh Zagoren, WildClaw is making its mark on the movie we all love to hate…or hate to love…there’s a little of both in there.

We’ll also be bringing you a sneak peek from Chrysalis, Glass City Films’ new locally produced apocalyptic zombie epic, as well as a couple other very special surprises from WildClaw.

You've got red on you.

You’ve got red on you.

Tickets are 12 dollars at the door, or you can buy them for 10 RIGHT HERE:

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Episode 23-Risen! A Very WildClaw Easter Podcast




Submissions for DEATHSCRIBE 2014, the 7th Annual Festival of Horror Radio Plays, are now OPEN.

See the DEATHSCRIBE page for submission info and guidelines, and start jotting down those nightmares, creepers!

Tickets Now On Sale for Risen: A WildClaw Easter Special

Well, boils and ghouls, spring is here, in technicality, if not in spirit. Ah, springtime: when the birds sing, the bees buzz, the gardens bloom, and WildClaw’s fancies turn…and toss…and wake up screaming, yet again.

But WildClaw, you ask, what could possibly be frightening about spring, the season of hope? Of regeneration? When we break free from Old Man Winter’s cold, dead hands and Mother Nature comes roaring back to life?

Papa was a rollin' stone. In an avalanche.

Papa was a rollin’ stone. In an avalanche.

Well, you sweet, summer children, I could remind you that for every anime-eyed foal taking his first steps, there is a wolf whose adult teeth have grown in. OR I could mention that for every daffodil poking its way out of the earth, there’s also a grasping, decomposing hand we wish would stay content pushing up the daisies. Never mind the fact that a newly-thawed rushing brook is cold comfort to the campers that have stumbled across it for the third time.

But instead, I’ll ask you to mark your calendars for our next holiday treat, Risen: A WildClaw Easter Special. Easter Sunday, our One Night Only event features shorts by Aly Renee Amidei and Shawn Pfautsch, a sneak preview of the locally-produced apocalyptic zombie epic Chrysalis, a staged reading of Troll 2, and A Very Special Announcement from your fiends at WildClaw.

You've got red on you.

We hope you’ll join us April 20th at 7 p.m. in Strawdog Theatre’s Hugen Hall. Tickets are ten dollars in advance, twelve at the door, and you can buy them RIGHT HERE…

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Save the Date! WildClaw C2E2 Panel: Bloody Good Fun- Exploring Comedy in the Horror Genre

We are pleased to be returning to C2E2 Chicago Comic Convention for the third time to drop some wisdom on you.  This time we will be talking about horror and comedy.  Should be an interesting discussion!


Title: Bloody Good Fun: Exploring Comedy Within the Horror Genre
Date: 4/26/2014
Time: 1:30 PM — 2:30 PM
Location: S401AB


Speakers: Aly Amidei, Matt Engle, Scott T. Barsotti, Ele Matelan, Josh Zagoren, Brian Amidei
Description: Horror and comedy are weird sisters: incisive at their best, groan-inducing at the worst, and tireless in their pursuit of THE BIG REACTION. This panel, hosted by horror experts WildClaw Theatre, peers into how the two genres use similar tactics to get a rise out of audiences.


WildClaw Blood Radio Podcast Back in Bloody Bidness…

WildClaw’s Valentine’s Day Salon, Open Heart Surgery, Is THIS FRIDAY!

Plenty of people probably think Valentine’s Day is scary enough already. If you have someone special, you worry about everything from planning the evening to exchanging gifts. If you’re still looking for your better half, it’s easy to feel a little more alone, a little more judged, and, especially this winter? A little more like you’ve been given the cold shoulder.

You know, if you keep making that face...

You know, if you keep making that face…

That’s why WildClaw is especially excited to bring you Open Heart Surgery, a presentation of medically themed horror shorts. Let’s face it: if there’s anything modern medicine has taught us, it’s that we’re never truly alone.

This One Night Only event features never-before-produced audio dramas by company member Ele Matelan, FOUR TIME Deathscribe finalist, 2009 Bloody Axe Winning, Artistic Associate Chris Hainsworth, and newly-minted Pseudopod author Krista Soli Foster.  Throw in host Josh Zagoren and a couple of bonus bits&pieces, this is a Valentine’s Day special guaranteed to keep you in stitches.

Honestly? I'm just never going to get tired of this li'l guy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/aKNITomy

Honestly? I’m just never going to get tired of this li’l guy.

We hope you’ll join us at the beautiful Den Theatre on Friday, February 14th, at 8 p.m. Come on your own, or bring that special someone for an evening of naughty nurses, deranged doctors, and patients that lost their patience along with their minds.

Join us for our first stab at holiday programming.

Join us for our first stab at holiday programming.

Get your tickets at the theatre tonight!

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WildClaw Presents Open Heart Surgery: A Valentine’s Day Salon

WildClaw would like to thank its guest collaborators, sponsors, and most of all, you, our wonderful, tentacular fans, for helping to make our production of The Shadow Over Innsmouth into an absolute splash.

Now, the set is struck, the boils are burst, and the shoggoth has been banished to another dimension (or so it lets us believe), but while Innsmouth has gone into the deep freeze, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still eager to thrill and chill you further this winter. Stay tuned, as WildClaw Theatre presents its first foray into that most especially horrifying of special days, Valentines Day.
Join us for some WildClaw deep cuts this February.

Join us for some WildClaw deep cuts this February.

This February 14th, at 8 pm at the Den Theatre, WildClaw is proud to present Open Heart Surgery, a Valentine’s Day Salon. Join WildClaw as they explore matters of the heartand lungsand liver...

Featuring new original bits and pieces directed by Katie Horwitz, Noah Simon and Manny Tamayo, and starring a host of WildClaw family fiends, this promises to be an evening of heart-stopping, side-splitting entertainment perfect for those more likely to be committed than to commit.

Tickets are 10 dollars and can be purchased at the Den Theatre tonight!


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Pseudopod.org Just Got Even More Awesome

Already one of my favorite online non-porn destinations. Especially for late night drives. Or for working in the crawlspace.


But now… a piece written by my own beautiful, brilliant Mrs. Morlock.  It’s called Mary.

Alasdair thanks her personally in his outro. I think I’m jealous. But I’ll forgive any trans-atlantic uber-nerd romance that might be budding because of their nice shout-out to WildClaw.

Announcing SUPER INNSMOUTH SATURDAY! January 4th, 2014 Tickets on Sale NOW!

Now’s your chance to get two doses of Lovecraft to start off your New Year!  WildClaw is bringing Witch House back with a reading featuring some amazing Chicago actors and directed by Paul Holmquist.  Get your tickets while you can!  $15 (plus $2) for the reading at 3pm and get a half price ticket for Innsmouth later that night!  that’s two shows for $30!  Plus a smarty pants discussion lead by Lovecraft expert and WildClaw associate Kenneth Hite!  Call the Athenaeum Box Office at 773-935-6875 or buy your ticket to the reading online: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/9870917 then use the code SUPERLOVE to get a $15 ticket to the January 4th performance of The Shadow Over Innsmouth!

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dreams in the Witch House

Adapted by Charley Sherman*

Directed by Paul Holmquist


Brian Amidei*/# (Father Iwanicki, Gilman’s father, Reverand Watkins, Dombrowski)
Don Bender (Professor Upham, Maurewicz, Bus Driver)
Rob Kauzlaric (Gilman) 
Carolyn Klein# (Keziah Mason, Clerk, Hooded woman) 
Ron Kuzava# (Brown Jenkins) 
Chris Hainsworth*/# (Sheriff Raven, Father) 
Jesse Manson (Officer Malone, Young Priest, John Townhill)
Sarah Scanlon (Lilith)
Chris Walsh (Isaiah, Jeremiah Morgan)
Mandy Walsh* (Gilman’s Mother, Librarian, Mother, Amy Samuels) 
Paul Holmquist (Narration/Stage Directions)
*denotes WildClaw Company Member or Associate /#denotes original cast member